Brand new workspaces for you and your team

Your Coworking Journey Begins Here

Unique spaces for creative work.

Welcome to Main Space, a vibrant coworking hub in Huntington, NY. Our space promotes innovation and brings out the creativity in both solo freelancers and teams. Come share ideas, get work done, have some coffee, and maybe hit the Peloton for a mid-day workout.

Amenities included in all our spaces

Fielding private calls or hopping on a virtual meeting? Hop into one of our call rooms or soundproof pods for total privacy

Host collaborative meetings and presentations with your team in our spacious and well-equipped conference rooms

Engage in professionally curated events designed to foster an atmosphere of fun and entertainment

Enjoy a quick workout in our fitness center, featuring cutting-edge equipment such as Pelotons, Tonals, and more.

Refuel throughout the day with coffee, snacks, and beverages offered at Main Space

Stay connected seamlessly with our high-speed internet, ensuring swift and uninterrupted online access for all your work and connectivity needs

A fully equipped kitchen, providing you with the freedom to prepare meals, store food, and foster a sense of community

Need a break from your work? Kickback and relax in any of our lounge spaces